Tulip Season 500gsm Hoodie

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The masterpiece of this collection.
Luxury quality meets streetwear.
Everyone knows that embroidery is the highest form of finishing.
When you wear the hoodie and look down at yourself, see the perfectly embroidered details, how the motif reflects in the light, then you realise the art behind the motif.

But what is so special about this heavy fabric?
The 500 grams per square metre?
Made from 100% organic cotton, the hoodie feels like a hug and a protective barrier at the same time when you wear it.

When you wear this hoodie, you feel the difference from all other hoodies. This durable hoodie gives you that inimitable feeling of quality and value that transfers to the self.
Every time you see it and every time you wear it.

Our best quality. Refined in Hamburg.

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Oversized boxy fit. Unisex.
Aus 100% Organic Cotton

Soft touch. Heavy. Made from sustainable materials

Designed and refined in Germany.

Organic cotton:

Fairly traded organic cotton, produced in an environmentally friendly way without the use of pesticides. Requires up to 90% less water in the production process compared to conventionally produced cotton. Buying a hoodie from us saves up to 10,000 litres of water.

Fair working wages:

The second decisive factor for us: Fairly paid workers. Our clothes were made by workers with fair wages and under fair working conditions. This means a future with real prospects for the workers' families. Certified by the FairWear Foundation.

100% sell-off guarantee:

In the fashion industry, it is normal practice to dispose of unsold, partially new and unworn garments directly if they are not sold. We have a 100% sell-out guarantee. There is no overproduction and no waste of resources.

Made with 100% renewable energy:

The energy required for the production of the clothing is generated 100% from renewable energy sources and used throughout the entire process, from cultivation and processing to packaging and transport.

No plastic waste in the packaging:

Packaging material and our thank you card are made from 100% recycled material.
Every avoidable piece of plastic has been avoided.

Material: 100% Organic Cotton.
Weight: 120g/m²

Made from 100% organic cotton:
Saves up to 90% water in production compared to conventionally produced cotton.

"True to Size" fit desired. (Approximately):

S = 1,60m - 1,70m // M = 1,70m - 1,80m // L = 1,80m - 1,90m // XL = 1,90m - 2,00m

Washing and care instructions:
- Mashine wash at 30°C / 86°F.
- Do not tumble dry.
- Do not dry clean.
- Do not bleach.
- Do not iron on the print.
- Iron at low temperature.

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